Lubrication Systems - P400
No production problems with too much lubricants and no wastage of lubrication oil. Applying too much oil costs money and pollutes the environment. The system P400 is intended for high viscosity lubricants. Using it you will always have the layer thickness under total control. The lubricant is pushed out of the nozzle using low pressure. It is easily regulated to give you exact control of the amount applied. Double air jets distribute the lubricant over the work piece. The result is an absolute even layer. It is possible to adjust from very thin to thick layers with high accuracy, the same amount each time a job is run.
Lubrication Systems
Wire Lubrication
Chain Lubrication

Oil Mist Separator

The oil mist separator ensures that the areas surrounding the press always are clean and that no harmful aerosols are present in the work environment. The evacuated oil mist from the Coil Lubricator is mixed with air evacuated from the surroundings prior to the mist separation. Thus the equipment also helps to keep the general air in the building free from contaminations.

P400 Nozzle

Pressing out lubricant under carefully controlled low pressure in an automatic nozzle gives a very good control of the applied amount. Double air jets distribute the lubricant on to the work piece so that the oil film becomes absolutely even. With this method it is possible to vary the thickness from with a large degree of accuracy. The method makes it possible to exactly meter the applied amounts.

Coil Lubricator P400

For the lubrication of band in an automatic press the use of coil lubricators is a very efficient method. The unit is fitted with an oil mist separator of centrifugal type. No waste, all surplus oil is returned to the basic unit. No mist is coming out of coil lubricator, the oil mist extractor ensures a constant under pressure to keep mist inside.

P400 Base Unit

The Base Unit has a simple and functional design. Also for the P400 system it is possible to choose between containers in a very simple and functional way. Base units can be fitted with one, two or more containers. The selection of lubricant is made effortlessly via simple switches or via PLC systems. Non-pressurized containers are simple to service. The filling is made trough large openings fitted with screw lids or alternatively automatically from drums or large central filling stations.

Control System

Control system may be PLC, for example Siemens S7 alternatively the control can be from the PLC- system in the press or feeder.

E/P Regulator

The pressures in the oil and carrier air circuits are accurately controlled with proportional (E/P) regulators over PLC systems or with manual regulators and pressure gauges.

Full Flow Filter

Effective full flow filters on all suction lines guarantees that no contaminations are allowed to enter the pump or the nozzles. Consequently a high degree of availability is ensured.