Nozzles for a wide variety of applications are available as standard items.
Spot lubrication can be performed in an efficient manner using single nozzles. An optional magnetic foot can also be used. To create a suitable spray pattern, a large variety of nozzle inserts are available. Any L210 base unit operating against a Coil Lubricator may be fitted with extra pumps and nozzles for additional spot lubrication or other separate applications.

Nozzle Type L210
The nozzles are available with a fastening device that may be mounted directly on to any base or easily built into a tool.

Nozzle Type P400
The P400 nozzles functions so that a controlled amount of lubricant is applied on to the work piece with the aid of double air jets. The amount of lubricant is governed by the pressure in the liquid circuit and may be adjusted with a high degree of accuracy.

Nozzle Type JAUCO-JAU55000
  • External mixing - only 2 variables to control
  • Calibration provides exact control over liquid quantities

PulsaJet Nozzles

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