System L210 Base Units, Coil Lubricators and Timer/Counter Units
The most efficient method of applying low-viscosity lubricants on all types of products. The most common uses are in the lubrication of blanks and coils in automatic pressing, stamping and rollforming. Spot lubrication of tools and taps in automatic units are easily facilitated.
Lubrication Systems
Wire Lubrication
Chain Lubrication

Coil Lubricator L210

Coil Lubricators has through the years proven very effective. The control of the applied amount is always exact. Surplus amount of lubricant is returned to the base unit via a return line filter. Coil Lubricators type KP are fitted with pneumatic cylinders allowing the top to lift 100 mm. at coil changes.

Nozzle in Coil Lubricator

A coil lubricator is a very efficient unit for the application of lubricants on to bands or pre-cut sheets. Wide spraying nozzles ensures that the full width of the band is covered. Narrow bands are no problems, the extra amounts sprayed outside the bands are re-circulated, no wastage, no messy floors.


T100 and T200 Timer/Counters are andvanced plc-controlled units especially adapted to the L210 system. They feature a variety off control possiblities.

Control system may be PLC, for example Siemens S7 alternatively the control can be from the PLC- system in the press or feeder.

Nozzles for All Applications

Multi-Lube spray nozzles can be applied free standing in different applications. A large number of nozzle inserts means that you can create spray patterns for most applications.

Return Line Filter

An efficient full flow filter collects particles from the band that would otherwise contaminate the return flow.

Pump L210

Pumps type L210/220 are high pressure, high speed pumps with an infinitely adjustable stroke length. The amounts can be very precisely set which gives a positive control over the amount of lubricants applied.

L210 Base Unit

The base units are available in a variety of sizes with containers up to 35 litres. Most common is a 16 litre container on which pumps, air regulators and valves are mounted, making it a compact and versatile unit. A system with several containers alternately feeding into one set of pumps allows fast change between lubricating fluids. Electro-magnetic valves on the Coil Lubricator direct the return flow to the proper container.