HP170 - Fully Hydraulic Systems with PWM control for all viscosities

Features & Benefits

The system is suitable for applying corrosion protection oil with wax particles. The particles are melted at target temperature and applied on coils without using air. Accurate temperature control ensures an even distribution over the total spray width.
Using pulse width modulation (PWM) a wide application rate range over speed variation can be realized (e.g. 0.5 - 2.0 gram/m2 from 50 - 300m/min).
The hollow shaft tank agitator ensures a homogenous oil mixture that is delivered to the nozzles.

  • Heated Application (up to 60 °C)
  • Hydraulic PulsaJet Nozzle with frequency up to 170 Hz

Heated Base Unit

Coil Lubricator

Control Cabinet

Lubrication Systems
Wire Lubrication
Chain Lubrication