Coil Lubricators

A very efficient method of applying lubricants is to use a Coil Lubricator placed between the feeder and the press. The lubricant will be placed directly on the band where it will be most effective and the wastage will be minimal. In roll forming operations, the corresponding place is at the start of the line. Nozzles with a flat spray can cover a substantial width and will thus be very economical. In principle it is possible to design Coil Lubricators for all widths. Usually the top part is equipped with pneumatic lifting cylinders but they are also available in fixed versions.

The Coil Lubricators are as standard equipped with brush list on the in- and outlet sides. If there is a requirement for an absolutely even distribution of the lubricant, it is possible to equip the Lubricators with spring loaded felt strike-off units on the outlet sides. Coil Lubricators are available in widths up to 2000 mm.

Coil Lubricator Type KPD850/12
The coil lubricator for this system is equipped with lift cylinders for top and bottom parts. It is also made in a double configuration, thus there will be absolutely no contamination between the lubricants.

Coil Lubricator Type KP1600/10
Coil Lubricator for 1600 mm. band width, 10 nozzles.

Coil Lubricator Type KP100/2
Coil Lubricator for 100 mm. band witdh, 2 nozzles.

Coil Lubricator Type PF650/6
Coil Lubricators for System P400 can be made in a fixed configuration as above or equipped with lifting cylinders. All P400 types (PP and PF) are equipped with an air evacuation port for connection to an oil mist separator.

Coil Lubricator Type KPD/PPD 1200
Coil Lubricator for a 1000 ton hydraulic press. Using coil lubricators is an effective solution for the lubrication of bands in automatic presses. In this case, bands between 100-1200 mm. Viscosity of the lubricants are between 3 and 400 centistokes (mm2/sec.). The unit is equipped with an oil-mist separator. No wastage, all lubricants that are not applied to the band are returned to containers in the base unit.
(Viewed from the P400 side)

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