Base Units

The base units are available in a variety of sizes with containers from 0,5 litres to 120 litres. Most common is a 16 litre container on which pumps, air regulators and control valves are mounted, making it a compact and versatile unit. A system with several containers alternately feeding into one set of pumps allows for a fast change between lubricating fluids. Electro-magnetic valves on the Coil Lubricator direct the return flow to the proper container.

Base Unit Basic L210
AutoJet® Lubrication Systems Basic Units are available in many different varieties. The classic model with the pumps mounted directly on to the container can be had with from 1 up to 8 pumps and with single or double electromagnetic valves.

Base Unit L210 2B
Changing from one type of lubricant to another is a simple matter  with the System L210. Units for 2 or 3 different lubricants are very popular. The photograph shows a unit for 2 different lubricants equipped with 12 L210 pumps. In this case, the 2 columns of pumps (2 x 6) each draw liquid from their separate container. This set up is very efficient when liquids are not compatible with each other; for example a straight oil and an emulsion.

Base Unit P400 2B
The Base Unit has a simple and functional design. Also for the P400 system, it is possible to choose between containers in a very simple and functional way.

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