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Due to our long-standing worldwide experience in spray nozzle and spray control technology we know how important it is - especially today - to reduce production costs and our worldwide leadership in spray technology can help you operate more efficiently and save money. Precise control of lubricating applications can reduce oil consumption by up to 90% and can eliminate time-consuming cleaning of parts.

General differences at AutoJet® lubrication systems:

Type L210 Type P400
For low-viscosity media For all types of viscosity media (up to 600 cSt.)
Airless nozzles (hydraulic spray) External mix air atomizing spray

Nozzles for Type L210
The L210 lubrication system uses airless nozzles to apply low-viscosity media. Due to their flat spray pattern the nozzles cover a substantial width and are thus very economical.

Nozzles for Type P400
The P400 lubrication system uses air atomizing spray nozzles to apply high viscosity media (more than 600 cSt). All nozzles have a needle which precisely opens and closes the nozzle with each spray pulse and which effectively cleans the orifice from any residue or debris. The nozzles are air-controlled and all circuits can be controlled independently. This allows exact control and repeatable metering of the circulated oil and provides full control over the applied amount and the thickness of the oil/lubricant layer.

Combined Unit P400/L210

  • Perfect solution if both high-viscosity oils (e.g. for deep drawing) and emulsions, thin-fluid or volatile vanishing oils are used
  • Units work independently of one another - no intermixing of lubricants
  • Simultaneous control of both units reduces set-up times

Both systems consist of a base unit and a coil lubricator. An optional filter unit prevents air containing oil from polluting the surrounding air.

The base unit consists of an air-operated diaphragm pump which draws the lubricating fluid from the container through a suction filter. Lubricant is pushed through the lines to the spray nozzles mounted in the coil lubricator using low pressure. Double air jets distribute the lubricant over the work piece in a uniform film.

The coil lubricator is an effective solution for the lubrication of bands in automatic presses. Due to the sturdy stainless steel construction it is also able to withstand heavy loads. For band widths between 100 - 1,600 mm. Pneumatic lifting cylinders open the coil lubricator - fixed versions are also available. The coil lubricator is fitted with a return line with an optional filter.

Features & Benefits

  • Exact metering of the lubricant guarantees absolute repeatability:
    L210: precise indexing of pumps
    P400: precise air pressure control
  • Optimum distribution of the lubricating fluid on the coil (top, bottom, both sides)
  • Easy to maintain due to pneumatic lifting cylinders
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • No misting or pollution of the work environment
  • Optional installation of additional nozzles for spot lubrication of critical points
  • Solenoid valves direct the return flow of different lubricants to the proper container
  • Surplus amounts of lubrication oil remain in the coil lubricator and are returned to the supply container
  • Containers are non-pressurized and can be filled during operation
  • Effective full-flow filters guarantee that no contaminants are allowed to enter the pump or the nozzles
  • Easy change-over between various lubricants

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